Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh My Sweet Valentine!

Insincerity. That is probably the second thing I hate most after lies. Then again, insincerity and lies pretty much overlapped one another, don't you think so?

When someone talks to me insincerely, my blood just boils and it annoys the hell out of me. Probably it's because you can actually FEEL their words are insincere and you know the fact that they really don't mean a word they say. Most of the time, I catch myself just listening to whatever the other party has to say but I do nothing in retorting back. Maybe I want avoid any arguments from arising but I swear to the skin of my bones that I rather argue with someone sincerely, rather than listening to words that are full of crap.

It's disappointing, really when people are being insincere especially when the other person knows that you are being insincere. The least you can do for yourself and others is being truthful, no? Though I agree, this situation gets pretty sticky if it circles around family and friends and everyone is trying their best to compromise with each other for the sake of love and friendships. However, there is always a limit to certain things. I believe you should voice out if something really upsets you, even if it might hurt others. If someone truly loves you, then they would accept it, no matter how hard it maybe. Rather than keeping it inside and you have to be insincere every time when faced with the same issue.

Another thing I think why I'm all so touchy with this insincerity thing is because it also draws the line between those who really care for you and those who merely do just for the sake of it. Even with a large number of friends, there are only really few that you can sit down, talk to for hours and pour out everything inside -- those few are the sincere ones who genuinely care. They don't even have to say much, a word or so may do but somehow that feeling of sincerity radiates out of them. Sometimes, that's all someone needs.

Saying all that, I hope I'm sincere enough to those I care about.

Ohhh, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Guess what? It's..........just another Tuesday to me for the past 19 years already :D Good Lord. But really, those out there who don't have any boyfriend or girlfriend or valentine to celebrate with, just chill. I'm not saying this cause I'm 'forever alone' as some of you might put it but let's just put it this way....

You're gonna be alone tomorrow on Valentine's and probably for the next 321 days. Or more.

Doesn't look any less lonely, does it?

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