Friday, March 9, 2012

And Now I Wonder How I Smell Like

Today at book club, we discussed the book - Perfume: The Story of A Murderer by Patrick Suskind. It's such a SICK book. I do mean, sick in both ways. It's about this perfumer called Grenouille who was born without any body odour but has the perfect sense of smell. Like really perfect which got him obsessed with odours/smells that lead him to become a murderer. The plot is pretty much expected but most of us at the book club agreed that it's the way the author describes all those smells that made it such a great, great book to read.

It's still a sick book, though.

Anyway, the book had me thinking about that phrase, "Everyone is good at something." For example, Grenouille is good at making perfumes. He was born with such an acute sense of smell. But what about me? What about you? It really had me thinking about it.

I mean, does doing something that you like makes you good at it? Or does it simply allows you to feel good about it? If you have seen those shows like American Idol, there would be a number of them who really love singing but they are just not that good at it. Oh no, I'm not referring to those horrific auditions where they sing like a cat falling off the Empire State building. But those who can sing, but they are just not good enough.

It left me wondering about them. Where do they go after that? Would they keep trying? Would they find something else they're good at?


Would it be because I work hard for something I want that I become good at it or would it be because I was born with that gift like Grenouille had? I'm pretty sure all of us are (must) be good at something, in whatever possible ways it would be.

But then, I thought, before we could be good at something - we must love that something we do. If we love the thing that we do, then only we can be happy. Only by being happy, can we truly be good at that something. Right? I've seen people doing something they're good at but they are not happy - they're contented but not happy. It seems they're doing the sake of it because they're good at it. And that left me....sad. And I pity those people who are really good in the things that they do (and happy as well) but it's not enough to survive in this world. And that left me....sad.

But I guess this thing, that one special thing we're searching for within ourselves takes time and patience. On how would we know we're good at that something, we would just know I presumed. Like how we would know that person is 'The One'. Then again, we have been fooled many times by the person who we thought are 'The One'.

So I've come to a conclusion: If you never try, you'll never know.

IELTS is tomorrow *cross fingers*

Btw, did you know that Grenouille means 'frog' in French?


AQ said...

I've watched the movie before. Really demented. A surprisingly riveting movie, though...

Qamarina said...

I know right! But the movie isn't anything compared to the book. Still stick though :/