Monday, March 12, 2012

Here's To The Things I Love

I love car rides at night. I love how dark it is outside and how it penetrates my mind, sweeping every thoughts silently. With the music on, everything feels alright. Time stops but I'm moving.

I love those open, empty roads as well 'cause it makes me feel I'm driving to infinity. Then maybe one day, I'll get to watch the sunset and sunrise as I drive. I'm sick of waking up catching the sunrise and sick of going back to sleep once the sunset sets in.

I love those open fields. Green fields. Maybe with lots of little flowers too. Or maybe a lavender open field or sunflower field. I'll take a long run in that field and lie between those flowers, smelling their scents. Then at night, I can watch the stars twinkling back at me. For once, I won't have to lift my neck up to see those stars.

I love libraries too, surrounded by books. The smell of books are just so heavenly. And books that allow me to be those people I'll never be and take me to places that I'll never go. But I have yet to find a library I really like, same goes to bookstores. I will. Someday.

I love horses. How magnificent and strong they are, the way they run is so free. Yes, free. That's the word. How free they are and they can just run, run, run......If I was born as an animal, I would like to be a horse. I love the sea as well, beach, ocean -- all that. I wonder if anyone has ever just walked along the beach and felt peace for once. Nothing but leaving their footprints behind and just be surrounded by nature.

But no, I'm currently behind this laptop in a cold room. "I'm not depressed. I'm just depressing." - Shu Fei (I hope you don't mind me quoting you :p) Yeah, I'm just in that phase. Need more time for these too many things to do.

Say, did I tell you how much I love cheese?


Shufei said...

Of course I don't mind you quoting me. Lol, I'm so flattered. :">

Yes, open fields and libraries are the best. It seems so contradictory in so many ways but then both of them give you this sense of liberation. Similarly, I have yet to find a library I like so high-five to that. I'm sure there will be some in UK. We'll huddle up in a corner and sit and read next to each other then.

Qamarina said...

Now you mentioned it, I never thought of libraries and open fields as contradicting D: But yes! They both make me feel 'free' somehow.

Oh yes, we shall. Sipping on coffee and read books like cool people do *ka ching*