Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stop and Listen

I experienced something that really bothered me today. It's sad actually but it bothered me. It had me thinking a lot.

So after my mum picked me up from college, we were driving back home as usual. That's when we saw in the middle of the road, a family waving their hands, trying us to stop us down. There was a couple with three little kids, one of them was a baby. They had a motorcycle that was parked at the side, so I didn't quite understand but they had this pleading look on their faces.

We slowed down as my mum drove by and the man and the woman waved pleadingly. My mum was quite hesitant at first, I mean, who wouldn't? In this world we live in today, anything could happen. But the man started to speak and my mum wind down the window slowly.

He was talking to us in Malay. "Ma'am, please. My baby here has asthma and I really need to send her to the clinic just over there. But I don't have enough money. It costs me RM175 and I really don't have the money. I promise I will repay you back. I underwent an operation not too long ago, that's why I don't have money (he lifted his shirt and showed a really scared and long line along his belly). Please, ma'am."

"I don't have that much cash with me. But I can give you RM50."

"That will do too, ma'am. How will I contact you? I'll pay you back."

"Oh no. You don't need to."

"Thank you so much."

We waved to them before my mum slowly drove off and I noticed how both of us looked through the rear-view mirror, just looking at that family. My mum asked whether any car behind us is stopping for them. I looked and said, "It seems so. Quite a number of cars but few just drove by."

I wasn't really sure what was going through my mum's mind but so many thoughts and questions went through mine. A small part of me thought of the possibility that they weren't genuine, okay, I say a small part -- we can't be sure of everything now, can we? But there was this whole bigger part of me that hope those cars behind us would stop and listen to that man for a while and offer whatever they can. I also wonder how their lives were like; where do they live, what happened....I wished my mum or I could have offer more but I understood we did the best we could have possibly done.

I guess this whole thing bothered me because it pretty much made me wonder how we take for granted for so many things that seem 'affordable' and 'easy' to us while it may be a struggle for some other people. I admit it, sometimes I complain about unimportant things -- things that shouldn't even be any matter of complaint. I don't think it was easy for the man and his wife to beg for money from motorists along the road but any father and mother would do anything for their kids, for that I respect them.

The journey back home was rather quiet but soon, my mum turned on the radio and broke the silence, "He sounds like Michael Jackson, don't you think?"

I really hope the man collected enough money and that his baby is okay.

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Shufei said...

Yes, the world today is horrible - it just blurs out what's real and not, which is quite a pity.

Hoping his baby is okay, right along with you. Poor guy.