Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'll Smile When You Speak

I have this fetish thing for quotes. Short, long, simple, twisted, love, sad, happy, fun, confusing, anything kind of quotes. When I really have nothing to do, I'll search the internet and tumblr (best quotes that could be found) for quotes. Then, when I have found a quote I like, I'll spend some time reading and admiring it before saving it down.

Lol. Forever alone much.

But really, nice quotes just make me feel nice. It can be a sad quote as well and I'll still feel nice. You know how they say when you like a particular quote, from a song or a book; it's generally because it represents you - how you truly feel about some people, some things and just life. Sometimes, a quote can be so powerful that it actually turns into a vocabulary to most people in their lives. Take for a example,  'you live only once'. Why does it hold so much significant in people's lives? Well, because we were born once and we will all will die one day. It's just the matter of when, where and how. The mystery of not knowing is what keeps this quote a strong hold to many people.

The quotes that I like varies quite a lot. It usually depends on my mood, haha. Although throughout my search for the perfect quotes, I have found I am both repel and drawn to love quotes. Repel because some love quotes can be just so cliche and a bit 'too much' -- to the extent I don't even feel the love flowing from the quote. Rarely and with some lady luck,  I'll come across love quotes that are just....lovely. Pure loveliness. Maybe the reason why I find love quotes interesting or why it is the most 'unreported' crime in the human world is because it's something that we all want and in return, to give back. Let's just say, it goes beyond the simple four letters spelling.

But I still think the best quotes to find is through songs! I'll be listening to a song, suddenly I hear a line that I like, I'll rewind it just to get the correct words. And it's so much fun! Though most of time, I'll listen to some songs just for that few lines or quotes that I like. Sometimes I think that without that line in the song, it wouldn't be great at all, or better yet, when the title of the song is named after that quote, I just go like YEAH.

I also realised that just because some quotes are long doesn't mean they're good. Sometimes they are just full of shit.

EXCEPT for this. True story.

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