Monday, March 5, 2012


My favourite animal is horse. I love horses. They are so wild, free and strong. And beautiful!! I think I got my first love of horses through a book (how nerdy) - Black Beauty. Have you read it? If not, read it! Read it! One of the best classics ever :')


But I love cats too. Maybe it's because I can squeeze them, cuddle them and well, squeeze them. I guess it is pretty weird for me to start blogging about animals but I kind of promised a friend I would write a post about 'cats'. Yes. Cats. Why? Cause that friend of mine is a cat (I'm serious). So why not we talk about the life of cats? From our point of view, of course.

Cats are lazy.
Face it. How many of us actually do see owners taking their cats for a stroll in the park? I bet even if there was a leash on the cat, it would not even move its ass. So while dogs are exercising and sweating their tongues off, cats are in the living room, sleeping their tails off. *meow* That's life.

Cats are fat.
I mean, look at Garfield! That beer belly of his is a serious sign of obesity. Unlike dogs (sorry for the usage of 'dogs' as a comparison but I assume the opposite meaning of 'cats' are 'dogs'?) which play 'fetch the ball/stick', cats are highly likely to rub against your legs that makes you go 'awwww' and you'll be feeding them huge plate of lasagna. Well yeah, obesity is bad. Then again, cats don't get appendix like dogs do.

Cats are sarcastic.
Obviously, I don't mean in words but if you look closely, cats can really give that 'get out of my face' kind of look. They could give the most sarcastic look, especially when you start to talk in the 'meow meow' language to them. So perhaps that look would mean, 'you're making a fool out of yourself. I can't understand a shit you're meowing to me.'

Cats are spoilt.
Pleaseeeee. Cats are really hardworking. They..... Sleep. Walk a few steps. Pause. Sit. Nap. Walk a few more steps. Food. Nap. Meow. More food. Meow. Sleep.

Cats are great friends.
Take for example, my grandma's cat. We were watching TV in the living room when we spotted a fat rat nearby. So I shouted, "Cuppocinoooo! There's a RAT UP THERE!" Cuppocino who was sleeping, woke up and saw the rat. He looked at the rat for a while, looked at us and slept back again. Maybe the rat was his friend?

As much as I love horses, I wouldn't mind living my life as a cat. I get food, a house, endless of sleep and of course, the ultimate bonus of 9 lives. Now, aren't cats just supremely awesome? :)

*meow meow*

Dang. I really want to eat beef lasagna now.


Akum said...

Am more of a dog person. Just Love me!

keithabelle7 said...

MEEEEEEEEE !!!!! :D Hehehe <3