Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#1 Handwriting

So I realised that my blog has tilted into some emotional roller-coaster ride *pukes* Not that emotions are not good or whatever but I think it's time for me to blog something more specific, like I used to, 2 years ago. Let my Tumblr do my emotional wreck talking. (oh I'm so pathetic, even my mum agrees)

Recently, nearly every lecturer I have is complaining about my handwriting. They say it's 'unreadable' 'difficult to read' 'I'm just simply guessing what you wrote'. Well, can't blame them because I do agree it does seem hard to read but....I LOVE MY HANDWRITING. Not because I think it's pretty or just plain defensive. I gave birth to my handwriting, okay.

my sociology notes. Lol.

So this is basically my handwriting. It's called 'ancient and old' by some of people but my mum thinks it just screams annoying.Quite amusing actually when you get to hear people's responses to your handwriting. I find it both amusing and personal at times -- not to the extend I get offended, I mean, please it's just handwriting. But rather for me, handwriting is personal. It's a part of me that flows out in every word and thought I write. The way I write my alphabates. It builds some sort of connection. So this explains (I hope) my love for my handwriting. Just like being happy with the way I am, I'm not going to change my handwriting for anyone but wellll....I promise that I would try to make it 'readable' for the sake of exams.

Anyway, do you know that handwriting is so personal that it can actually tell what sort a person you are? No kidding! The way your words slant, whether they are cursive or not; it's possible to pick out traits of yourself just by analysing your handwriting. This study and analysis of handwriting is called 'Graphology' and it related to human psychology. How effing cool is that. Here! See this --> Graphology

If I could study Graphology one day, I would. Not to find a job for it but just to know how to analyse handwriting. I think it's rather fascinating and amazing because nobody has the same handwriting, it's like your DNA, just that every stroke of word tells a bit about yourself.

By the way, I don't like writing the alphabate 'g' and 'y'. I just don't.


Caely said...

I MARVEL at your handwriting though it may be hard to read sometimes :P Don't change it, it's unique! But maybe increase the spacing between each words to make it easier for the examiner to read? :D

Qamarina said...

Thanks, Caely! :)

Haha yeahh! I think I might do that. Oh boy, this is going to decrease my speed of writing.