Monday, April 9, 2012

Bits of Munches

1. I'm writing this because I'm in a mood to write a post but I still feel like writing.
2. I've read the Catcher in the Rye. What I can equivalate anything to a bastard and a sonuvabitch. And I'm pretty sure Salinger was depressed when he wrote it. Love it though.
3. Reading Inheritance now. Fourth book of Narnia. Damn son, it's like a bible!
4. My brother loves Famous Amos Cookies as well. So mummy, need to buy 300g next time.
5. Here is the place where I love you.
6. I need to study soon. But oh my, where do I start :(
7. Why didn't I hear the Safe and Sound soundtrack during the Hunger Games movie?
8. I expected Haymitch to be less....good looking.
9. You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you. That's where I'll be waiting.
10. It's my sister's birthday soooonnn! 10th April! Yes, few more hours :D
11. I think I'm getting depressed lately.
12. I want my Peeta.


Caely said...

Wait a minute... 300g?! That sounds like a lot! I miss Famous Amos but I feel guilty everytime I eat it :P You're a trooper for finishing Catcher! It was too aimless and depressing... I had to stop but I'm trying it again later :X

Shufei said...

"I want my Peeta"

^ this.

Qamarina said...

@Caely: I know! But since 3 mouths are filling in the cookies, so 1 person gets at least a 100g? Haha!
I was depressed for a day or so...after the aimless Catcher LS Good luck reading it! You caaaan do ittt.

Qamarina said...

@shuf: hehe. How would I know he's the one? When he throws bread at me (y)