Thursday, April 5, 2012

Books, books and more books

Trials are over! 2 weeks break :D Well, not exactly. My break would come after 15th June only. Sigh sigh sigh.

Let's put that aside for a while.

Okay. Here's a question that I've been seeing pretty much everywhere lately, "If you were given a ticket to go anywhere on earth, where would you go?"

I would go to: Portugal.

I admit I would want to go to Rome, Venice, Dublin, New York, etc. All those big and nice cities but I figured if I were given one airplane ticket to go anywhere, I want to make it count. Make it special. Something that would really fulfill me in and out.

So why Portugal? Well, Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal to be exact. Remember when I said I haven't come across any bookstore I like yet? I think I have found it in Porto, across the internet of course. It's listed as one of the world's greatest bookstore, came in third place with City Lights Books in San Francisco coming first, followed by Libreria El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Argentina. These bookstores look amazing as well but Livraria Lello stood out beyond the rest for me. It didn't just look like a bookstore to looked like a dreamland!

It's 100 over years old, designed by architect Xavier Esteves. The design is mainly neo-gothic. There's also a small coffee shop inside!

This is the staircase!

The architect of this bookstore is beyond amazing! I'm already in love with it. And look at the stairs! And just look at the amount of books, all aligned and stacked up across the walls. This is what I call 'perfection'. I swear I haveeee to go there one day. Free airplane ticket or not, I HAVE TO GET MY ASS THERE. Ugh. Okay, chill QM.

I just love bookstores that look more than just any ordinary bookstore. Bookstores that actually look like they are asking you to stay in there forever and read and discover another world inside it. I guess the reason why I'm so after the 'perfect' bookstore is that, you know how after reading a good book, you get pulled into reality again and just feel depressed for a while? Well, bookstores such as Livraria Lello, it looks like it serves to curb that issue, keep yourself in your wonderland. Or maybe, allows you to seek another adventure.

Another bookstore I would love to go would be Shakespeare & Company in Paris, France. A simple bookstore, flooded with books. It looks so cozy and it's the sort of place which I wouldn't mind calling as my home.

The third floor in Shakespeare & Company

If I have the money and capabilities, I would really love to open a bookstore like these one day.

In the meantime, before I fly off to Portugal and Paris, I'm gonna catch up my reading on Catcher In The Rye!

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