Friday, April 13, 2012

I Need an Adventure

Adventure. That's what I really want in life. It gives you the thrill, excitement, anxiety and I like those feelings. It makes me feel alive -- a sense of purpose. Isn't that the reason why we read books? Because they give us adventures that would be impossible to ever venture outside from it.

I love books but my favourites are fantasy genre. Harry Potter, Narnia, Eragon, Alice in Wonderland; now these are my adventures. The amount of time I spent waving wands, being Queen, talking to a rabbit and flying on a dragon are irreplaceable. Like how actors immersed into their characters, I become the characters in the book. Whoever I want to be.

Yes! I've finished Inheritance. I nearly wept at the end. I was so, so, so sad. However, Paolini said that he has spent so much time building this magical world that he cannot simply abandon it. So, he would return again soon. Well, I hope he does. It took him TWELVE years to complete all 4 books.

Anyway, yeah, adventure. That's what I want. It may sound ridiculous but I actually get jealous of the characters in books. They get to experience sword fighting. They get to meet elves. They get to go into Wonderland. They get an adventure. I often wonder how the writers feel when they write the book. I've always wanted to have a great writer as my good friend, maybe someone like C.S. Lewis, Christopher Paolini. So I can have a never ending adventure! Pretty selfish of me. But it would be really nice when someone understands the way I feel about this.

I'm pretty bored and tired -- of so many, many things.

I need an adventure.


Shufei said...

Still up for gatecrashing the whole of Europe in our perilous quest for Teh Bookstore of All Bookstores? :3

Akum said...

Stuck in the same place can be quite boring. We all need something different once in a while...

Am dying for an adventure myself, am planning a backpacking trip of the Himalayas

Qamarina said...

@shuf: Yes!! I still am :D So pumped up for it. *squeals*

Qamarina said...

@akum: Yeah exactly. After a while, it gets so monotone that it drives me mad.

Oh wow! That's amazing. Can't wait to hear about the trip :)