Friday, April 20, 2012

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Life shits and stuff. Mainly, people. Oh exams.

Bundle all of these together and you'll get the phrase of 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'. Swear to god at some points, I felt like stopping. Literally during a moment, stop to just get a deep breath before picking up again. But O' holy mother of the universe, life doesn't stop for anyone.

I admit, there are things that still upset me until now. I wouldn't say I had not 'let go' but some things just stay with you, you know; regardless of how old and faded they may be. They just become a part of you as you grow. And I think that's the only thing that I'm not sick and tired of. Yeah, they upset me sometimes but that's the only thing that doesn't change, doesn't seem uncertain.

I do like changes. I do, really. But when too much changes come along your way, all you crave is some sort of security, reassurance -- just to grip onto that. It's like....walking in total darkness, can't even see the back of your hand but knowing another person's hand is there gripping yours, you know it'll be alright. A guide. A hope. A light. Whatever you want to name it.

Because life is in a constant state of motion. Forever changing. Slow paced. Fast paced. Whether you realised it or not but when you do, you finally realised that it is a pretty scary world out there. So what do people do when they're scared? They ask for help....if only they knew what sort of help they needed. But I pretty much think what most of us need as help these days is for people just to stay and listen. Like really, really listen with full of care and whole heartily.

I'm just upset.

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Shufei said...


*like seriously, huge huge bigass hug hug*

Change sometimes sucks, but you'll pull through. You always do. :)