Sunday, May 20, 2012


"The word 'infinity' is being overused." 

I don't get it. How can you overuse 'infinity' when it clearly has no ending?

Alright, maybe it is being used a lot; in fact, not only in words. Right now, there's this infinity necklace and infinity rings which I thought were tacky but sweet, I thought the infinity tattoos look cooler. Just saying. Anyway, besides being an uncountable number, 'infinity' is quite significant in many ways -- or at least, the way you interpret it.

Most used this infinity symbol for love. Okay, that's a good significance. It symbolises that your love has no beginning and no ending; it was infinitely there before any of you know it was. The love you feel for someone is infinite - you can go all day, months, years til wrinkles start to form but you won't feel overwhelmed by this person because as infinity goes, it just keeps going. There's no limit to love.

"To infinity and beyond!" By far, one of my most favourite infinity quote. (seriously, if you don't know where this quote is from, I feel sad for you) Not only we're going to infinity, we are going beyond it. It's possible that there might be something more and greater than infinity, right? Crazy but possible. What if this 'beyond infinity' is something so huge and compelled that none of us could grasp how enormous it is. Imagine, something greater than infinity. The universe as we know might just be a drop of infinity only.

"I feel infinite." It took me a while to understand this feeling. At last, I did. To feel infinite is to feel divine in your own unique ways. For Charlie, he felt infinite being with Sam and his friends, with his songs...I think we feel infinite when we feel belong -- comfortable and at ease with whoever and whatever we are with. Those who see the real you and actually understands even the messiest corner of your mind. To feel infinite is to feel the most comfortable way you could possibly ever feel. Now that's beautiful.

I think infinity has a beautiful meaning, in whichever sentence anyone expresses it. To feel infinite could be having relationships with people or things (like music) or you could just feel infinite, just by yourself. By listening to a song, without realisation, you drown your entire self into the lyrics and get into a trance. Even when the song has ended, it hasn't ended for you -- not through the earphones, anyway.

Being infinite is huge (if you get what I mean), you overcome your insecurities and reservedness. You discover yourself and when you do, you're not afraid to show others how divinely unique and different you are. So you should just be whoever the hell you are. I mean, why be a digit when you can be an infinite?

Hmm. I think I feel infinite right now.

I think.

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