Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Day - July 15th

"If I could give you just one gift, do you know what it would be? Confidence. That or a scented candle."

- One Day, David Nicholls


Unless you don't give a flying fuck, be my guest and read up :) **

You have no idea how I squealed watching One Day. Well, because Jim Sturgess is such a sexy little thang and I have a huge girl crush on Anne Hathaway. I read the book first, again. A habit. But I wasn't in much disappointment with the movie. I cried. So that's a good thing. But I cried harder reading the book. Books just have that effect on you. Words of emotions.

Anyway, there are just so many, many things I like in One Day. It's a love story with so many other elements in it.

Here it goes:-

1. Love - I think that it's the simplest yet the hardest thing in the world. It's simple because it's all around you but it's hard because it's fragile. And Emma in One Day, I agreed with Ian -- I never really thought Dex deserved her, not truly anyway. She's everything that he's not but somewhere between those loops, they fit each other. She made him decent and in return, he made her very, very happy. Plus, I like how far their love could travel even oceans apart. It's nice to see that just because someone isn't there with you, doesn't mean they aren't there for you. And how after 20 years, after so many twists and losses, they found each other again. Perfect.

2. Travelling - I need a guy like Dex. Who loves travelling. I love travelling, even if it's an hour ride or a month of road trip to any road I feel like taking. I like how in the book, Dex perceives travelling not just as 'fancy places' but in attempt to discover yourself. It should be that way; not just travelling physically but spiritually as well. You put yourself in a stranger's land, stranger's toilet, stranger's air -- when all around you is not what you are used to, you attempt to let go of what's supposed to be you and find yourself.

3. Writing - Do you realised often writers would include at least one character, especially the main one either as writers or something artsy? I know some find it cliche but I like it 'cause the writer is putting a part of her/himself in the story. So here, Emma's the writer. And I just feel related to her in this part the most. Clearly, being a writer. Wait. Let me rephrase - making your career as a writer since everyone is a writer of their own, well, it's not easy. It's hard, I know. I honestly can see myself along in the future, being like Emma - wanting to give up and losing her way but then there's Dex, who was the only one who truly believed in her and make her become the writer she wanted to be. That, to me, was the sweetest thing ever. Oh! And how Emma traveled around places just to write, from India to Paris. God, that's so beautiful. I need to do that.

4. Letters - In the book, Emma and Dex exchange letters throughout the 20 years or so. THAT IS SO AMAZING. Sorry, I have a fetish for letters. So old-fashioned and romantic. Short ones, long ones; it doesn't matter. I like how whenever I feel like 'hearing' from someone, I can just open up the letter and read it, about their days, their concerns and life - even if years have passed. I have a few letters I still keep, never once I read them without feeling it was just like yesterday. Nostalgia.

5. Risks - YOLO. Hahahaha, I just had to do that. Seriously, I'm like Dex in this part. Just do whatever goddamn thing you want to do. The higher the risk, the better.

6. Fate - Mmmh the most cliche thing of all but we're all believers in fate, or at least, try to. It's pretty surreal, isn't it? To know that your fate has been written down long before you were born. But if you ask me, fates come in many ways. It could be one day or 20 years. Everything lies on the person she/himself at the end. Emma realised her fate was with Dex, long before Dex did and that was sad. Buuuuut, hey, Que Sera, Sera :)

7. Screwing up - Soon you'll see, everything will be alright. It will. There'll be days when nothing goes right for you, every shit comes tumbling down and all you want to do is to evaporate into thin air. Dex, on the other hand, really screwed up. I felt so bad for him. First, he screwed up things with Emma. Then, life screwed him up when Emma died. To come and think of it, this thing do happen to people and I just wonder how do they ever live through this. But I think I found the answer (from Dex's dad by the way)

"The best thing you could do is try and live your life as if Emma were still here. What do you think I've been doing for the last ten years?"

Sigh. This is making me sad :( 

And now, I need to listen to 'See You Soon' by Coldplay. I'm gonna bawl my eyes out.


Shufei said...

Jim Sturgess. Best part of the movie. Seriously.

Yes! This movie. "If two people are meant to be together, they will eventually come together." :) LOVED how this concept was implemented.

Qamarina said...

I know right! Sigh :')

One of the best love movies to date.