Friday, June 8, 2012

Teenagers Are Awesome

What's it like to be a teenager? It's exactly like how everyone says WILD, YOUNG and FREE. You were born in the 90's. You're the cool kid. You wear varsity jackets and skinny jeans. You say the word 'swag' cause YOLO as we all scientifically know. You're supposed to be rebellious and fun. Breaking every rule there is because that's what a teenager is supposed to be.

But being a teenager is hard as well. You're constantly inconsistent like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're volatile like a mad rain, quietly at first, mad the second and angry again. As a teenager, you don't know what you want. All you know is what a teenager is supposedly to want.

You need like to what everyone else likes. Mainstream. Greenday, Fall Out Boy, MCR. That was my pre-teen years. Oh wait, you don't like them? Who do you like then? Oh okay. Well, that's cool. No really, it's not cool. It's bloody weird and nobody listens to bands that hasn't got over a million YouTube views or play over every goddamn radio. But hey, it's still cool. Being a teenager means being weird. Dye your hair pink. Pierce your eyebrows and tongues. But be sure to take photos of yourself and show it to your children in 10 years time. They'll look at you differently.

Homework. Good God, whoever created them. Sure for the first few weeks (or days), you're going to be so motivated and make sure you're bang every homework there is. After that, all these f(x), and x and y start to bore the numbers (since it's maths) the hell out of you. You do last minute studying and expect flying colours at the end. What the hell were you thinking? Unless you planned on blending the entire book and drink it but I doubt its effectiveness. Really.

Another thing, you need to be daring. Show that you got balls and guts. Run into the girl's bathroom and running out back laughing while girls scream. Throw rubbers at your classmate and look away as you watch him/her get pissed like a Hulk wanting to smash whoever did that. Ohhh, you like that girl? Don't say you like her upfront. Not cool. Make fun of her. Pull her ponytail. Tease her. If she smacks you back and giggles, she likes you too. Cause well, that's how teenage love works.

You may or may not have a boyfriend/girlfriend but that's when the word "love" and "relationship" seem to be at its climax. Who do you like? Who do you want to date? Don't you think she's pretty? Oh my god, he just said 'hi' to me! This is when you feel like you're supposed to meet The One or you'll die as a virgin. This is when you're so madly in love with someone but you're so heart broken that she/he will never notice you. This is when your world revolves around that one person and you'll do almost anything and everything for that person. This when you'll first fall in love and first to cry at 3am alone in your bedroom.

Depression. Anxiety. I-just-wanna-die-right-now feeling. You feel messed up like a pair of earphone that doesn't understand how it got all tangled up. But hey, don't worry. This is where your friends step in and comfort you.....crap. You're invisible. Nobody notices you. Worse, they don't care about you. Your prettier friend gets all the attention. Girls tell her 'omg babe, anything just call me okay? I'm always here for you.' Guys would give her chocolates and tell her jokes and make her laugh. You despise yourself for lacking whatever that is you're lacking. You want to be noticed and heard. You want chocolates even though you hate them and listen to jokes even if they're lame. When are you going to get that? You despise yourself.

Your parents. Always calling up on you. Always giving lectures and not understanding you. Always at your room door, banging it asking if you had done the laundry. Who doesn't allow you to go to parties because it's not good for you. Who complains you're being 'too in love' with your handphone but forbids you to go over your friends' place because they tell you 'you can call her up and talk, right?' 

Everything feels like shit. Everything is a first hand experience for you. Your first relationship. Your first heartbreak. Your first failure in exams. Your first award. Your first best friend. Your first enemy. Your first handphone. Your first time losing your handphone. Your first sleepover. Your first argument. Fuck, you will have the best and worst times of your life. You will have thoughts of who will stay with you and who will leave. Who's going to love you and who you might never see again. You'll feel so good and so bad at the same time.

But it doesn't matter.

You know why? Being a teenager is awesome. Really, it is.


Shufei said...

Now I don't know whether I love this post more than I love your other one!!

AMEN to this. Seriously!! Being a teen - surmised into a hefty blog post!

Mims said...

Me liked it.

JoelleChew said...

Woman, you just wrote another piece of work that I really like! This sufficiently comprehend the description of a teenager's life.

Dammit QM. You successfully read the mind of every teenager. You. Are. Awesome.

Qamarina said...

@shuf: Hehe, pretty long post I know. Thank youuu! :)

@Mims: thanks!

@joelle: Hahaha. Aww thank youu! :)