Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why I Need A Unicorn

Because I like magical things.
Because I want to cast spells.
Because I want to ride on a dragon.
Because I want to be a wizard.
Because I love Narnia.
Because I know that with magic, life would be magical.
Because I need to break away from the rigid system of life that we imposed on ourselves.
Because life is too black and white, it needs rainbows.
Because I need more colours in my life.
Because I need some magic in my life.

Because I like to dream.
Because it takes me away from reality.
Because I don't have to wear a mask.
Because I can be whoever I want to be but still be myself.
Because I can create new things and not just discover them.
Because I can live in a whole different world.
Because I can imagine things that others would not see.
Because I need more than what my eyes can see.
Because dreams are better than realities.

Because I like rare things.
Because it makes me appreciate them more.
Because it makes them seem more special.
Because I would know how precious it is.
Because I would take really good care of it.
Because I know that if I lose or hurt it, I'll never get a chance again.
Because I know that I'll never be that lucky.
Because rare things are rare.
Because rare things are hard to find.

Because I like unicorns.
Because not everyone gets to have a unicorn.
Because nobody actually owns a unicorn.
Because unicorns cannot be own.
Because you'll only managed to grasp at their essence.
Because you can see them from afar but never have them.
Because they're out of your reach.
Because they're just so magical.
Because they're just so rare.
Because they're just so beautiful.
Because you just can't have everything.


Shufei said...

We'll find you a unicorn some day.

Caely said...

I really like the last line: "because you can't have anything". We just want something we can't have, don't we? ;)

Caely said...

whoops, I mean, can't have everything* :P

WinterLovers said...

I don't care, Imma stick a cone on a horse's forehead & call it a unicorn! =P

JoelleChew said...

If you ever get a unicorn, I'm packing up and moving in with you woman! ;)