Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flowers, Flowers,

I like flowers. I like them, big or small, pale or colourful - even those with thorns, although they seem to imply something powerful about them but they are still flowers; delicate and fragile. I like flowers. They seem as though they are always laughing silently. You can't hear them but you can feel them, the vibe when you hold one in your hands seem untouchable, like you're scared with one wrong move, the petals that rotate around its beautiful membrane would be crushed. Even the smell of flowers, oh my, aren't they lovely. You can stay in a meadow of flowers and breathe in the smell that cleanses not only your lungs, but your soul and mind.

No, I don't like flowers because they look pretty. That's judgmental, to based on looks. No way, it's much more than that. You see, flowers are more than just pretty little things. They are always, always looking happy.

"Someone in India once told me that flowers are the earth laughing." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What would I not give to still feel (I said feel, not look) pretty and happy after a stormy day? What would I not give to be able to make others happy just by the sight of me? There's no need for splash of cash or a flight to Paris - you have flowers, that's all you need. Though sad to say, little things are pretty much overlooked, not giving the attention which should be given.

"Stop and smell the roses."

Stop and appreciate those little things.

You know how others vouch for peace, love and all those humanitarian stuff? I think instead of pasting up posters and campaigns with boring talks, people should just shoot flowers in the air and flood the entire street with petals of flowers. Make the street into a field, bloom like tulips, cheerful like sunflowers, lovely like roses and happy like daises. Flowers in its most delicate, overlooked and simplest form brings happiness.

It's a natural gift from mother Earth, something from her womb - the purest thing that we could ever find and give and receive from anyone. Kind of makes sense why we always give bouquet of flowers during parties, graduations, weddings and birthdays, doesn't it?

God. I just love flowers. Such pretty little thaaangs.


JoelleChew said...

"Flowers in its most delicate, overlooked and simplest form brings happiness." I find this very true about flowers.

Actually, I never appreciated the beauty of flowers from your perspective before. I think it is a beautiful way of seeing nature's gift to mankind. :)

Qamarina said...

You should! Try gazing and observe a flower some time :) It's beautifullll.

Aww thanks, Jo! :)