Monday, July 30, 2012

High Higghhh Hiiigghhh

I just spent 50 minutes of my life watching this AMAZING 'LORD OF THE RINGS' SYMPHONY.

Stumbled upon it by accident and I instantly drowned in it. Makes me want to be at Middle Earth so badly. Sigh. I absolutely love Lord of the Ring's soundtracks, they are so mesmerising. Oh, please don't kill me for this but I actually prefer LOTR than Harry Potter. I do love Harry Potter! I love magic and Hogwarts but well, I have a "thing" for high fantasy novels and I have never seen any more higher fantasy than LOTR. A standing ovation for the late J.R.R. Tolkien!

On a random note, I thought of listing things that I have a "thing" for. That "thing" which pulls every wire in your brain because you cannot help but to fall in love with it.

1. Chocolate

    Insanely the best dessert/snack ever. You can eat it with breads, milkshake, ice cream or just pure  chocolate bar. YOU CANNOT HATE CHOCOLATE and the excuse of 'it has so many calories!!' Bitch please. Have you not heard? Chocolate aids in the cure of depression and stress. But for me, chocolate is the cure for anything.

2. Old Books

    They sort of have this deep and rich aura, something that can only be obtained after a long time. They look so precious and beautiful. Especially those hard covers, with faded colours, printed-in words and most of all, the smell. Ohmygod, closest thing to heaven.

3. Gardens

    Big, huge, flowery gardens. With secret doors. Secret pathways. A swing made of wood. Somewhere I can create and escape into my own world. A mixture of garden from Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden. Lots of flowers crawling around the walls and above the ceiling (if there's any). I can spend forever there.

4. Cats

    CATS ARE SO FLUFFY. *dies*

5. Clothes

    I really have a "thing" for clothes. Most girls do, I guess. And I don't mean I have a thing for clothes just because I'm a girl. Like how some people have a thing for gadgets, clothes are personal to me. A form to express and feel good about myself. The best part about clothes is matching different pieces of them up and creating different outfits. The worst part about clothes is, well, money. *cries*

6. Beaches

    Need I say more? The word of it justifies everything that comes with it. Waves. Sands. Clear sea water. Blue skies. Sunrise. Sunset. Wind. Freedom.

7. Polaroid Photos

    Almost give the same vibe as black and white photos. But polaroid photos seem more personal because they are collect-able, snap at an instant and a memory is made -- literally. If I had a polaroid camera, I'll be snapping away and pasting every photo on my wall. (Yup, I have a "thing" for pasting photos on room walls)

P.S. I have a "thing" for elves as well. If I could, I would be one -- inspired by LOTR and Eragon.

(I am so highly intoxicated with high fantasy right now)

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Caely said...

AHMAGAWD. I've never seen that on Youtube! Thankyouuu. I do think LOTR is better than HP :P but I have yet to read HP so we'll see!

I pretty like everything you listed except cats! :P