Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Moments In Life

1. The absolute sweetness of drinking water after being so thirty.

2. Laughing out loud until your tummy hurts while watching some YouTube video.

3. Curling up like a burrito in your blanket.

4. Drinking hot chocolate.

5. Eating a chocolate bar.

6. Waking up and realize you still have more time to sleep.

7. Being at a concert. Sweating, jumping and singing (screaming) at the top of your lungs in a crowded crowd.

8. Jumping on your bed.

9. Having a private concert in your room or in your car, with the music on its highest volume.

10. Singing along stupid, catchy pop songs with your friends.

11. Drinking coffee in the middle of the night.

12. Taking your heels and bra off after a long day. (pure fact)

13. When a song you haven't heard in ages plays on the radio.

14. Watching your favourite childhood movies and still react the same way as you did during your first time watching it

15. When people remember little things about you that you didn't know.

16. Reading a really good book and when you're finished, you feel like you have lost a friend. (I know it doesn't sound like a best moment but somehow, it does feel so-- in a way)


Shufei said...

Eh LOVIN' the new layout! Is it symbolic for a new start?? 8D

Number 3, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16 (actually all of them) and ESPECIALLY 12. Twelve is the best. Twelve is awesome. You have made twelve my new favourite number.

& I get what you mean abt losing a good friend, finishing a book. Like you feel sad you finished it but then glad you did at the same time. It's so satisfactory. :)

Qamarina said...

Symbolic, reminds me literature classes all over again :P But yes! A symbolic for a new start :D

HAHA I know right! '12' is just awesome. (female pains I say)

Yeah exactly :) more of like, even though there's no more story after that, I'm glad I read it at the same time.