Monday, August 27, 2012

Bucket List (and other fattening things)

The thing about holidays is that you'll either enjoy it or dread it. Too bad, there's no such thing as 'summer' here. If there is, I'm pretty sure things would be a whole lot different. Let me get this straight. I love holidays but long holidays make me restless and rusty. I rather head back to college and study in class. Seriously.

Like I said, I love holidays. I get to spend time on my books and writing. The only part I hate about college and school is exams. Otherwise, I love learning. Cool facts you learn, new theories and knowledge. (I know, so melodramatic)

Anyway, that's not my point here. I just had to ramble it out.

So, during my restless time of my holidays, I've thought up of my bucket list . You know, that list which sits in a bucket? HAHAHAHA omg that's gotta be the most pathetic joke ever told (yes, I am very restless now) I don't have a time limit for my bucket list. Guess it's too early to set a timer on it but whenever it happens, now or 15 years later, I hope it happens.

QM's Bucket List

1. Have a pet cat.

2. Have water balloon fights with my friends.

3. Get another piercing. (Where? Not sure yet)

4. Dye my hair in funny colour. By funny, I mean "one of the rainbow" colours.

5. Euro trip with my friends. (before either of us get married -- if we ever do get married)

6. Travel the world with my other half. If not, with my cat.

7. Rock climbing. At a mountain.

8. Spend one entire day shopping without caring my budget.

9. Eat chocolate-related food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

10. Camp fire by the beach.

11. Go on a road trip all by myself.

12. Going out at night and coming home at 6am.

13. Have a mini-library in my future house.

14. Celebrate Christmas where it's winter and it's snowing.

15. See a shooting star.

There's more but I could only think of these 15 things at the moment. Crazy, no? I'm pretty sure most of us want to do some of those things above. We're just constrained by money, time and place right now. If I had the money, older and not living with my parents - I should be able to cross out a few things off my list already. But no rush. I prefer not to think I'm growing up. Instead, I like to think I'm changing. Because as time passes, I change. I don't believe the idea of growing up.

So I hope I get to do those things! No matter how pointless, impossible and common they may seem.

And now, back to munching on moi chocolate bar....


Shufei said...

I wanna dye my hair a crazy colour too! I'm thinking either turquoise or magenta or something HAHAH. But in streaks rather than a dip-dye.


Oh yeah 13 is a fixed bucket list thing for us bookworms. Not just a mini one. A BIIIIIIIIIIG ONE.

Joanna Foong said...

Hahahahahah. You also blogged about Bucket List!

Qamarina said...

YEAY, let's dye our hairs together :B

Okay whenever either one of us want to go on a eurotrip, ring up! And yeshh, a HUGE library!

Qamarina said...

Hehe yes I did, Jo!