Friday, September 14, 2012

You're a King and I'm a Lionheart


I like change. I like the idea of trying something new and doing something different.The idea that I'll always be moving constantly but not monotonically. I just enjoy the thrill of experiences and adventures. It's wonderful.

I like reading. I like the idea of travelling in my own world. The fact it's the cheapest vacation that anyone can afford. I like words, big and small words. I like big books. I like people who love reading books.

I like surprises. I like the idea of the other person not knowing what is bound to happen to them. How someone takes the trouble, knowing what the person likes and dislikes and pulls up something that will be memorable. I just like thoughtful people.

I like honesty. I like the honesty in truths and innocence. That you trust me enough with your secrets, dreams and fears. That I could see your innocence in the way you eat, talk, sleep and how you get excited over a TV show you just watched. I like to be trusted.

I like having my alone time or with my friends and family. I believe in having alone time. I can't be expected to always be surrounded by people, nor does anyone else. I need time for myself. My solitude.

I like discovery things. Food, music, books, facts or things I thought I have lost. And when I discover them, they sort of feel priceless. Something that triggers in me -- a memory or feeling and that's how I'll always associate myself with them.

I like listening. To people and myself. I listen, through my eyes and ears. Like how someone smiles with their mouth and not their eyes. Or how someone says one thing but does another thing. I like how we are so contradicting most of the time but insist with all the rights and rules we do for ourselves.

But most of all, I like being treated right. I like being prioritised. It sounds selfish but I don't expect much, not  to be the center of someone's universe and you rotate around me. Heck no. That'll be too pressuring, I can't do that. I need to revolve around other things and other people as well. All said, it's really simple and nice to know your someone's priority. But sad to say, we're never good at this, are we?