Friday, October 5, 2012

Socially Awkward

I feel so bad for abandoning my blog this long. Makes me depressed too. As odd as it sounds, if I don't write, I get depressed. Pretty much how others express through singing or screaming their lungs out, I like to crap out in one long ass post because unlike screaming, I like to collect and keep whatever crap I have.

Anyway, life's been good so far! But stressful. Assignments are building up. Assessment is coming up. Uni application need to be filled soon. I'm having the roller coaster of my life -- just hoping that the seat belt stays put and I won't get flung out any time soon.

Pretty much settled down already but I still find it hard to make friends. As kiddy as it sounds, it's true. Not that I'm being unfriendly or picky, just that, well, let's just say I like to keep my circle small. It's nice to have lots of friends -- to hang out with, laugh about and having the security of a group. But the thing is, I want to meet new people. I don't just mean strangers, "new" as in a different person with different taste, different mindset, different being; something that I've never encounter before. I want something new.

I'm not sure about you but most people to me appear to be grey. They look the same. They're nice and friendly but they're the same. It's not a problem, don't get me wrong but the thing is, I don't feel like I'm grey. I'm never grey. I change colours. Sometimes I would be pink. The next day, yellow or the next second, I'll be green. And I stick out like a sore thumb, unable to blend in the grey colour because I'll just mess it up. I will still mingle around the grey but I can't blend it, I can't mix my colour with theirs. I change too much and I like change.

Swear to God, most of the time, I think I'm the one with the problem here.

Well, sometimes. Because most of the time, some people just need to be high five with a brick across their faces.

P.S. Growing up doesn't make sense.


Shufei said...

"Because most of the time, some people just need to be high five with a brick across their faces." Pretty much everything in life is answered with that sentence.

Uni life is hard to adjust to, especially if you're also doing future uni apps on the other side! Good luck QM! I know you can do this because YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE!!! :D

Yes, some people are samey. They find a style that suits them and familiarise themselves, whilst not realising they ostracise uniqueness instead. But promise, EVERYONE will have that one little quirk about them. You just have to find it :)

Joelle Chew said...

People are people, and sometimes all we need is to find the right person to befriend. I'm sure that certain someone will come your way!

It's good to know you're pretty much settled in to your uni life. Good luck with your subjects. I'm sure you can handle it well. :)

Now I can't wait for next February to come because I want to start uni already!

Qamarina said...

AWWW thank you guys :')

This makes me miss being your classmates even more! Hope you guys are doing well wherever you are now <3

Ann said...

Well.. you se it this way. You seek for newness and for me accept the people as they are. There will alsways be some unique features in them :) Love them, hate them or be friends with them. People will be people. Well nice post. Keep sharing...