Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Stranger's Letter

During car rides (sitting in the backseat), I like to lean over and rest my chin on the side door. My dad found it distracting, my mum found it childish; nonetheless, leaning against the side door was something I always do. You see, during car rides, I passed by a lot of things, ranging from other cars, houses, cats, trees and people and I always wondered how were they and the lives they were living.

I saw an old lady driving. She looked frail but otherwise still capable of driving, though her face seemed to be lacking of looked dull. Observing people in other cars can be quite intimidating especially if they catch your eye. However, this old lady was somewhat in a world of her own. I wondered: Where is her husband? Is he still alive? Does she any kids? Why is she driving alone? Is she meeting up with her friends or grandchildren? I wondered from the present to thinking how was her live back 30 years ago. Whether she was happier back then and what did she do for a living. I just had so many questions for this stranger whom I will never meet again. True enough, as soon as the traffic light turned green, our paths parted.

Sometimes I find myself feeling rude at the mere thought of invading others' privacy -- in my mind, it's not logical I know but I'm so fascinated by these sort of things, the ones that we usually overlooked, the ones that are usually quiet.

I was looking through some old photographs the other day and I noticed the countless of strangers that have been captured in the background throughout the years. They looked like background dancers or singers who were there to somehow beautify that moment -- it's hard to explain of what I felt about it. Again, I wondered how they were now and where they are. I hope they are still as happy as they were in those photos.

So now you know what goes through my mind every now and then. The reason I like to be quiet and just watch people. It's a nice feeling, really. I want to thank each and every one of you, a friend or a stranger, a car at the traffic light stop or the man at the grocery store, for making a part of my life. I hope you're all doing well, wherever you may be.

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