Monday, January 21, 2013

Mash Potatoes

1. I have this weird obsession in making the perfect notes. When I say obsession, I mean that I would write accordingly to the headings, sub-headings, underline, capitalise titles, red pen for certain words and black pen for the others. And I must, must do all these in handwriting. You've no idea how upset I'll get when my notes don't appear on par as to my liking.

2. Swedish House Mafia was awesome, though I swear within that 5 hours+ of standing and being squashed and mobbed by the crowd -- I thought I was going to die. Couldn't stop wincing every time I turned my neck the next day. Oh, and a couple was arguing beside me during the rave. Roughly 10-15 mins while waiting for SHM to appear. So you can imagine me standing shoulder to shoulder to them and trying to respect their privacy which clearly wasn't working.

3. Every time I come for Dr. Jeya's class, it always feels like the first day of class. For example, today was probably the 20th time he asked whether I'm of mixed parentage or from Beijing.

4. I love coffee more than I love water. Why do I always love things that will kill me in the end.

5. Okay, so Caely, Joelle, Shuf and Candee have all gotten at least one of John Green's books. DO YOU HOW UPSET I AM?! THE PAIN THE TEARS THE AGONY. So if you love me, truly love me, you'll get me John Green's books. (it's actually available in Borders and Kinokuniya from what I've heard but it's just that I'm never around those bookstores)

6. I really want to go on a Euro trip.

7. So my sister told my dad that I'm turning 20 years old soon, my dad's reaction? "20?! Oh you have to start paying rent now."


Joelle Chew said...


Awwww I'll definitely get you a copy of any John Green's book when I find them okay? I'll let you know first btw. Then I'll mail it to you since I don't see you anymore (boohoo). HEH. :p

Shufei said...

Aww QM you should've told me & I would've gotten you some John Green books & met up with you! D:

It's okay coffee always > water. Drink both, after coffee just sip some water. You'll be fine.

I get the entire perfect notes thing, and to make everything worse it's super time-consuming! :(

Qamarina said...

@joelle: Aww thank you, Jo! Hahaha that's actually sad :( We should meet up. It'll be nice to see you again :)

@shuf: Yes! The perfect notes thing is taking too much of my time :( Aww thank you, Shuf. No worries, I might end up in Aber soon, so....hehe