Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Between Those Intervals

I found myself struggling throughout the day after a good CNY break. Assessments, homework, deadlines, finals, etc. My plate was overflowing all of a sudden. From bits, it came with a big scope and to be honest, I was terrified (still am).

Part of me wants time to move forward fast, to the phase that I really want but part of me wants time to stall once in a while, so I can catch my breath after each wave, though most of the time I'm usually holding my breath under water; not sure how long or where I'm heading. I should know by now that things don't always, almost never go according to the way I want. Maybe the blame should put on human nature for wanting so much. Why I never like 'hope' that much.

However, while doing my work, I had an epiphany. I think that's really important, maybe it's not how fast or slow time flies but between those periods, those intervals. As sappy as it may sound but it rings a bell, I supposed. Like how when you read a book, you're living in that time of the book, whatever era it might be or B.C.. Or a long car ride, enjoying the long road and those snap bits which catches your eyes along the way. During those times, you're living between the intervals and I think that's what really matters.

It's hard when boring routine shatters those intervals. By the moment you wake up, you're already looking forward for the day to end. I hate when I get that feeling, it makes me feel I'm wasting the entire day, wasting those intervals by not participating in it.

So here I am, 1:40 am writing this post because this is when usually I live in my intervals.

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