Tuesday, February 12, 2013

These Are Not Rants

Scrolling through my timeline on Twitter, sometimes I get repulsed or annoyed with what some people had to say. Often I think of the many ways to respond to them but I don't. Ultimately it hits me that I'm following them, can't I? That leads me to think about more stuff (which is never really good). So I end up saying whatever I want to say in my head and scroll away.

Lately, I'm beginning to notice that I rather dislike many things; be it small or big, whether it affects me directly or indirectly or even, not at all. The way some people type for instance can determine on how long the conversation would last because even at the first sentence or word can put me off if it starts off wrongly. Or the way someone dresses too, can be an annoyance. I'm a firm believer in comfort dressing but I also believe you should present yourself well especially when you're meeting up with others, it's simple courtesy and manners. I don't like how some people think or how oblivious they are to certain things, making me bending my head down and struggling to find a place to hide.

There's so many things I find myself turning my head away from that I begin to ponder if there's anything I actually like. It's hard, for me at least to find someone I genuinely like; the kind of like I would love to hang out and talk all day and look ugly in my shorts while eating pizzas at home. While I'm not the kind who wants 10 best friends (I don't believe in that), I find myself excluding to one or two people at a time.

Maybe I'm a bit too hard on people and on myself, but it's better knowing what you don't want than what you want.

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